Thank You!

Thank You for life and breath.
Thank You for not leaving us as dirt.
Thank You for forming us.
...breaking us and making us new
...and continuing to mold us.

Thank You for the creative use of Adam’s rib...wow, You’re good!
Thank You for liquid, gas and solids.
Thank You for fire and warmth.
Thank You for light.
Thank You for THE Light.
Thank You for the vast depth of the sky.
Thank You for solid ground and soft grass.
Thank You for rocks to climb.
Thank You for waterfalls
...and swimming holes
...and especially those places that have both (King’s River Falls).

Thank You for water.
Thank You for Living Water.
Thank You for baptismal waters.
Thank You for washing us clean, so clean.
Thank You for the Blood.
Thank You for the body of Your Son.
Thank You for His life.
Thank You for the Counselor, the Comforter
Thank You for the Gifts
Thank You for NOT retiring!
Thank You for being the same yesterday, today and forever!
Thank You for not fitting into any of our boxes.
Thank You for moving us from religion to relationship.

Thank You for family.
Thank You for faithful family
...and the blessings of faithful generations before us.
Thank You for letting us know that, if we follow You, You will bless a thousand generations following us!

Thank You for a Godly wife,
...a prayerful wife,
...an encouraging wife,
...a transparent wife,
...a loving wife,
...and a wife who loves being a mom.
Thank You for telling her that I was “her man”.
Thank You for making me grow up enough to pray about who I should marry.
Thank You for letting me know who You had in mind.
Thank You for more than 25 years of a marriage growing stronger every day.

Thank You for my children.
Thank You that they are children who honor their parents,
More importantly, thank You that they are children who love Jesus!
Thank You for letting me witness them totally abandon themselves in worship before Your throne.
Thank You for adoption.

Thank You for Godly parents.
Thank You for the countless prayers they lift up for me and my family every day.
Thank You that they are parents who love Your Word
Thank You for Godly grandparents who shared their faith boldly.
Thank You for the experience of overwhelming peace and power while singing Amazing Grace over my Grandma Brewer when You came and took her home.

Thank You for my big brother and my big sisters.
Thank You for the unique loving relationship I have with each one of them.
Thank You for sending us all over the world to share Your love.
Thank You for the joy we have on the rare occasions that we all get to be together.

Thank You for my father & mother-in-law & brother & sister-in-law.
...for their faithfulness to You.
...for the amazing support and love they shower onto us.

Who deserves such a wealth of generational faithfulness? Not me, but You do! Thank You.

Thank You for letting me know that I am blessed in order to be a blessing.
Thank You for forgiving me when I am NOT the blessing You’ve meant for me to be.
Thank You for brave men and women who stand up to tyranny
...who fight against slavery
...who defend freedom
Thank You for trustworthy men and women in uniform: police, firefighters, search & rescue teams, paramedics, the list goes on.
Thank You for men and women who govern well and seek justice
...and thank You that our trust need not be in them, but in You!

Thank You for missionaries who go to the dark places,
...the leper colonies,
...the prisons,
...the brothels,
Who shine Your light of love to all nations

Thank You for Your Spirit
Thank You for the Presence and the Comfort
...for the wisdom and counsel
...for the discernment and knowledge
...for the ever present help in times of need.

Thank You, oh thank You, for Jesus, the Christ.
Thank You for His willingness to humble Himself and become like one of us,
...for His life of love,
...for His experience of all things like us, and yet He did not sin,
...for His touch, His healing
...for His teaching, His truth
...for His power, His deliverance
...for His obedience to death, even death on a cross.
...for His victory over death
...for His gift of grace, our hope of eternal life with You

Thank You for Your Church, the body of Christ.
...and the local expression of it that I get to experience here.
...for faithful elders and their wives
...for a faithful family of ministering warriors, thank You

Thank You for calling us into Your Kingdom
...for using us to bring Your Kingdom into the here and now
...for the fulfillment of the perfect Kingdom to come.
...for the army of angels who serve Your people
...for the armor
...for the right to be called sons and daughters of the Most High, thank You.



"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford