How can we NOT give thanks when You have given us SO MUCH?

You, God, GIVE us faith to believe that you are the great giver of all things

...and all things that You give are good

...and all things that are good are given by You and only You

You give breath.

You give life.

You give abundance to that life.

You give purpose to that life.

You give mission to that life.

You give Your glory to us.

...and it doesn’t diminish Your glory to give it away to those who open their hearts to You.

You give us a heart.

You give us a heartbeat

You give us a heart to seek Your glory and recognize it when we find it.

You give Your Son, the Glorious One.

When we are blind, You give us sight.

When we are in darkness, You give us light.

When we need a new beginning, You give us a fresh dawn, a new sunrise.

When we need rest, You give us a cool night.

You give us new mercies every morning.

You give us warm days with cool breezes and cold days with warm fires.

You give us beautiful sunsets.

You give us feathery pink & crimson clouds.

You give me a comfy bed and cozy blankets.

You give me a beautiful wife to hold.

You give me words to comfort her when she is upset, to assure her of my love for her, to bring laughter and love.

You give her those same words for my comfort, assurance, enjoyment and love.

Because you are the Word and You give words of life,

...words of undying hope,

...words of unconditional love,

...words of undeniable truth,

...words of irreplaceable peace.

You give us children

...and children to adopt!

You adopt us and give us an eternal family thicker than blood.

When we are too weak to go on, You give us strength.

When we are lost, You give us direction.

When we are anxious, You give us deeper breaths.

When we have empty pockets, you provide for our needs.

When we are worn out, You give us perseverance.

When we are lonely, You give us friendship.

When we are hungry, You feed us. 

You give us the bread of life.

When we break it, we remember that You gave it all.

You give your blood, pure and clean.

When we are thirsty, you give us satisfying drink.

You give us living water.

You give your perfect life,

...a perfect example of how to live,

...a path to walk,

...a friend to walk it with,

...a mission to join You in,

...a hope for the world,

...a perfect Way that overcomes death.

We kill You and You give us a perfect sacrifice.

You give Your grace and forgiveness.

You give us a place to belong.

You give us an eternal family.

You give us a comforter and counselor.

You give us power,

...power to witness and tell of your wonderful deeds,

...power to shine Your light,

...power to heal and to bless,

...power to break chains.

For when we are bound, You give us deliverance.

When we fall, you give us a hand and you lift us up.

You give us Your memory, You do NOT forget us.

You give us dependability, You do NOT forsake us.

You give us clarity, You do NOT frustrate Your child.

You give us protection against the enemy.

You give us weapons to defeat the powers of darkness.

You give us a helmet of salvation,

...a breastplate of righteousness,

...a belt of truth, fitted with ready peace,

...a shield of faith,

...a sword of the Spirit.

You give us the ability to stand our ground.

You give us unshakeable ground to stand upon.

You are the great gift giver.

Every single bit of goodness comes from You.

Your gifts keep on giving!

You give wisdom to understand Your mysteries.

You give discernment to grasp the realities in the spiritual realm.

You give prophecy to speak just the right truth at just the right time.

You give us the gift of tongues to intercede in power.

You give interpretation to reveal that powerful intercession.

You give healing for the suffering.

You give miraculous signs and wonders to show the world that you have all authority.

You give knowledge to show the world You know all things.

You give conviction, not condemnation.

You give us freedom, not legalistic bondage.

You give us reconciliation, not war.

You give us relationship, not religion.

You give us love beyond all love.

Oh, the wonder of your many gifts!

You teach us to give and you love when we give back to You, even when all we have to give is only what you already gave to us!

But we offer it with joy and thanksgiving, and You give us a smile like a father to his child.

...and a really big, really long, and really satisfying hug.





"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford