You are the WORD.

What You speak . . . IS

What You say . . . BECOMES

What You proclaim . . . ENDURES

Your Word has authority.

You produce life with every pronouncement.

You teach all truth.

Your admonitions cut to the quick.

Your judgement is pure.

You speak to the depths of the heart.

Nothing superficial is spoken by You.

Every Word has a depth of meaning,

...easy to understand,

...delightful to discover,

...perfectly possible, with Your strength, to obey

...yet a lifetime of study would not enable us to comprehend it fully.

Every conversation with You goes to the heart of the matter, the relevant reality, the searching soul.

Every Word brings us to a deeper knowledge of ourselves,

...a better comprehension of our identity in you,

...a clearer grasp of Your will for us,

...and where we are in Your great story,.

...and where others are too.

Your Word is the Sword of the Spirit.

Your Word is alive.

Your Word is powerful.

Your Word is sharp,

...sharper than any two-edged sword, pierces our hardened hearts, sinks into our calloused conscience, delves into our inner thoughts, opens up our hidden vices, cuts us to the core of our being, divides between the soul and spirit,

...between the joint and marrow, exposes our fleshly desires.

You use this Sword, this sWORD like a surgeon’s scalpel

...expertly rooting out the tumorous darkness we try to hide within.

You cut to the source of our sin,

...the provenance of our pride.

Your Word is an enduring Light,

...a Lamp to our feet,

...showing us the path we should go,

...correcting us when distractions take us astray.

Your Word is always present,

...the sound of Your voice is near.

...You speak through the noise

and what You say is clear.

All our words do not add up to just one Word from you.

Every word from every book written could not describe Your worth.

But You made us in Your Image and You gave us words to speak.

You placed power in every word and, with Your Word, we can also speak!

We can encourage.

We can bring smiles and laughter with our words.

We can bring tears of joy.

We can bring comfort and security.

We can, like you, speak truth in love to bring conviction (not condemnation) to our dear brother or sister.

This is only because Your Word, through grace, gives us Your words.

I love that You share Your power so freely.

In You, WE can speak life into those around us.

We can shout out Your praise!

We can speak healing,

...deliver the oppressed from demonic forces,

...delve into deep thoughts and ideas of Your reality.

We can teach each other,

...and tell of all Your wonderful works.

We can tell our story of how Your Word has touched us.

We can admonish one another.

With Your Word, we can say things so powerful!  Like...

“I’ve been thinking about you.”

“I’m praying for you.”

“I forgive you.”

“I confess my sin.”

“Jesus loves you!”

“I love you.”

Your Word multiplies.

Your Word unifies (when we really hear it).

Your Word is not a simple sound that fades off in the expanse.

It grows and expands.

Though words of gossip are powerfully destructive and bring death, they cannot compare to the life giving Words that flow from Your lips.

Though we speak lies, words of UNtruth, that tear apart and drag down, Your Words of Truth build up and restore.

Though we speak foolishness, words of ingorance, that bring confusion and chaos, Your Words of Wisdom bring clarity and confidence.

Though we speak angry words that wound and break, Your Words of love calm us down and heal.

You mean what You say and You say what You mean.

When You “give Your word” we can count on it!

Your “yes” is YES!

...Your “no” is No.

Your “go” is a really big GO.

Your Words are not meant to JUST be heard.

They bring action!  If we hear them and don’t put them into practice, we are like foolish men who build a house on the sand.

If we hear them and follow, we build our life on a rock that cannot be shaken.

In the beginning was the Word

...and the Word was with God

...and the Word was God.

The Word brought everything into existence.

There is nothing without Your Word.

You are the Word!

...and Your Word is eternal.



"10,000 Reasons" is inspired by the song of the same name written by Jonas Myrin and Matt Redman.  The lyrics "...for all Your goodness I will keep on singing ten thousand reasons for my heart to find."   I like to mean it when I sing it, so I was convicted to list off AT LEAST 10,000 reasons to sing in praise to my Lord Jesus Christ.  God bless you as you join me in this praise.  — Ken Shackelford