Update #54 - Therapy Everyday

Robbie continues to experience incremental improvement. Tanja and I continued to be absolutely amazed at his resiliency. He works so hard and continues to be mostly unfazed by the incredible challenges to come before him. The Spirit of God is very evidently a part of Robbie’s fiber and that, beyond any healing, generates incredible thankfulness in my heart for all of you who lift my son up to the throne of the King.

He has therapy every weekday and has yet to complain when it is time to go. He is challenging himself far more than we would feel comfortable doing. Tanja has also started up his homeschooling and he is doing great - as sharp as ever. He is still unable to write because of his right arm troubles but, mentally and intellectually, he has been able to do anything he did before. He is actually reading a bit more than he did before.

PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY THOUGH. In O.T. today, we had something happen that has CAUSED SOME CONCERN with us. Robbie’s therapist was having him write on a board with weights on his arms. She asked him to write his numbers and he did, but he wrote every number backwards. She asked him to write them the opposite way and he was able to but he couldn’t decide which one was the correct way and became really upset and frustrated by that. Tanja and the therapist didn’t make a big deal of it and moved to something else. They will test him in that area more fully but Tanja came over to my office which is across the parking lot and was very shaken up. We are obviously very concerned about this and just ask you to PRAY THAT HE HAS NO LASTING EFFECTS IN HIS BRAIN THAT WOULD CAUSE SOMETHING LIKE DYSLEXIA. While homeschooling, he is able to solve math problems in his head and answer specific questions vocally so the disconnect is when the brain tries to write the numbers out. We are continuing to, very slowly, pull off of some of his meds and that may have something to do with it. Please pray.

I would also like to ask you all to please PRAY FOR THE JADE TREE PROJECT. Some of you who follow Robbie may not know that this is the name of the project we work with on the Tibetan Plateau. The rug company that we are a part of (and allows us to do community development in these remote locations) is in severe financial straights because of the effects of our recession both here and in China. Pray for some kind of breakthrough in this realm or our ability to return “home” may not even be there by the time Robbie is better. 

Thank you all and blessings